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jueves, 5 de abril de 2012

Olympic Files in Marathon – London 2012 - Who's Who in the Olympic Marathon

For several months we are knowing athletes who run in the Olympic marathon in London, both female and male category, 5 andAugust 12 respectively.

It is my intention, within my means, write about them, references and information, from each marathon runner before the Olympics.

This will be the central post. I will update with the names of athletes who are selected by their national federations and, when I'll publish the post with the information of each of them, will link from here.

Of course, This text will be open to you, through your comments, here or in each personal profile, to add information, news or comments.

I hope you enjoy it, linked it and will be a good reference who love this sport and the Olympic marathon ;-)



Vanessa Veiga (Spain)

Florence Kiplagat (Kenya)

Risa Shigetomo (Japan)

Ryoko Kizaki (Japan)

Yoshimi Ozaki (Japan)

Yukiko Akaba (Japan) Reserve

Paula Radcliffe(Great Britain)

Mara Yamauchi (Great Britain)

Desiree Davila (United States)

Shalane Flanagan (United States)

Kara Goucher (United States)

Carles Castillejo (Spain)

Arata Fujiwara (Japan)

Ryo Yamamoto (Japan)

Kentaro Nakamoto (Japan)

Hiroyuki Horibata (Japan) Reserve

Bahaa al-Farra (Palestine)

Scott Overall (Great Britain)

Meb Keflezighi (United States)

Ryan Hall (United States)

Abdi Abdirahma (United States)

And other info about Olympic maratón:

Route: http://www.london2012.com/documents/general/london-2012-marathon-route-map.pdf

Tickets Info: http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/table/2011/feb/15/olympics-2012-schedule-athletics-marathon

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  1. ¿Edan Kiplagat en los chicos? Creo que es un error, que se refiere a Edna.

  2. Thaks Marc, Kenya only published a preselection for the OOGG. They confirmed the Kenya teram for Olympic Marathon the next 30th april

  3. And news about marathon athletes from PERU and ARGENTINA to the Olympic marathon (In Spanish):

    From PERU